10 reasons electronic cigarettes are better than smoking

1) Electronic cigarettes don't produce any second hand smoke. In fact they don't produce any smoke. They produce a propylene glycol based vapor, much the same as theatrical smoke machines, but in lower quantities of course

2) E-Cigs don't create cigarette butts. The Instead ECigs use eliquid to refill the plastic cartridges over and over again to reduce waste even further

3)No Tar! As mentioned, e-cigarettes produce vapor, not smoke, so they don't contain the tar that burning tobacco creates

4)No more yellow. E-cigarettes won't turn your teeth or fingers yellow.

5)Smokey Bear thanks you. Electronic cigarettes don't burn

6)Cost. E-cigarettes can save you money, specifically if you use eliquid to refill cartridges. Do the math. One bottle of eliquid is approximately equivalent to 300 tobacco cigarettes.

7)Vapor doesn't give you bad breath. Smoke does.

8 )There is no hydrogen cyanide in e-cigarette vapor

9)You may be able to smoke your e-cigarette where you can't normally smoke. Please ask permission before e-smoking in non smoking areas

10)The smell. E-Cigarettes do have some smell when they are actually being used...but it is very minimal and often not noticeable. There is no smell on the esmoker after esmoking, unlike tobacco smoke which sticks to hands, clothes, and everything else
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