Variable-Voltage Electronic Cigarettes

Todays electronic cigarettes come in a wide range of choices.
color shapes and sizes, and also variable voltage.

Almost all electronic cigarette batteries are rated at 3.7 volts. However, you will find that your vaping experience changes when you use different e-liquids and atomizing devices.
Some combinations may produce ‘rich’ flavor and ‘full-bodied throat hit’, while others may leave you wishing you could “crank it up a bit” either in the vapor production, taste or throat hit.
Variable voltage electronic cigarettes allow you to do exactly that, making it possible to change the voltage of your device to achieve the vapor production, flavor and throat hit you crave that you may not be able to achieve from your current device.
Variable Voltage Vaporizers are electronic cigarette power control devices that allow the user to connect a range of atomizing devices and control the voltage that is applied to the atomizer. Every fluid will have its own ‘sweet spot’ i.e. the perfect optimal temperature that it should be vaped at. A variable voltage allows you find and enjoy every ‘sweet spot’ for every flavor and fluid.

How Do Variable-Voltage Electronic Cigarettes Work? It’s all about Watts ‘n’ Volts
An electronic cigarette generates vapor by heating an atomizing device normally containing a heater coil. This heat combined with the ‘draw’ from the user cause the fluid to be atomi zed into the vapor that is inhaled. The hotter the coil and the greater the surface area of fluid the coil acts upon will cause more vapor to be produced. Therefore, two primary means of increasing vapor exist: either heat the coil to a higher temperature or increase the amount of fluid that is exposed to a ‘vaping’ temperature. To produce more heat the device will need more power. To support the energy required to heat to ‘vaping’ temperature an increase area of fluid again requires more power. Therein lies the simple secret to variable voltage devices. They can provide more power to increase the temperature of operation and they can also ‘fuel’ the power demand of an atomizer that provides a greater vaping surface area of heater element, or often, if you choose the right combination of devices, both will contribute to really ‘punch’ high volumes of tasty vapor.
Most electronic cigarettes use 3.7volt batteries and 2.5ohm atomizers. This combination produces a little under 5.5watts of power. When you pair a 3.7volt battery with a low-resistance atomizer (such as a 1.5-ohm Dual Coil Cartomizer, the power being applied to the vaporizing action of the electronic cigarette increases to over 9 watts. However, you cannot keep on simply reducing the
resistance of the atomizer as the temperature will rise to a level which will cause fluid overheating and burning and rapidly degrade the performance of the atomizer. To gain the widest range of performance you will need the ability to alter both the resistance of your device and also vary the voltage you apply. For example, our Torpedo Chrome operating at 6 volts, connected to our 3ohm ‘Clearomizer’ device will generate 12 watts of safe high vapor power, without overheat and degrading the life or performance.
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