Beginners Vape Devices

You're new to the e-cigarette world and have just clicked on this section expecting to be greeted with the finest beginner vape kits and devices on the market, and that is exactly what you have found. We have a wide selection of high-quality beginner vaping kits which have everything you need to get started. Clearomizer, battery, e-liquid and a charger. The perfect place to begin. If you need a little extra power be sure to go to the double battery section where you will find the extra power to keep vaping for longer.

We source our stock from reputable suppliers, so you're always guaranteed to get the authentic manufacturer model from us that's backed by a 30 day warranty.


Warranty : Our products feature a 30-day Warranty regarding factory faults (for electronic devices, not tanks) DOESNT INCLUDE MISUSE  / no returns for purchased items unless faulty or needs for a replacement . Any claims after 30 days of the Order date is not valid .
Replacment items like cotton,accessories,coils has no warranty 

*. Batteries are always sold separately unless mentioned otherwise in the product description 

جميع أجهزة الشيشة الإلكترونية تحمل كفالة 30 يوما ضد العيوب المصنعية ولا تتضمن سوء الإستخدام ( ماعدا التانكات والأتومايزرات حيث لا كفالة بعد وضع الليكويد بداخلها ) 

يقر العميل بأن النكهات المختارة هي برغبته ولا يتم إسترجاعها أو تبديلها مطلقا وذلك حفاظا على الصحه العامه 

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